Escrow Services

The highly expert and knowledgeable team at Carter Lee
offer a financial service that bonds in to a third-party transaction.

Renowned Team with experience

Having an experienced team is paramount in this field. Therefore our 15 years’ experience
in this sector benefits us in all realms but especially in us being fully compliant.

Due Diligence at the forefront

Due diligence being at the forefront of all businesses in this sector now
is why our in-house procedures for every new contract are so rigorous.

Trust in us

We have a fantastic understanding but most importantly knowledgeable team at Carter Lee,
that is why we believe trust is important and at the foundation of our client relationships and internal relationships.

About Us

Financial Services - Affordable, reliant & professional financial guard at its finest

We cannot operate a robotic service or offer a naive on-line facility as this would not aid our client’s greatest. We deal with transactions that require an unmeasurable amount of care and precision and as such do so with our client’s interest at the basis.

Carter Lee Financial Services is a third party in holding funds or property and only releases according to terms agreed by parties to the transactions. We are a leading provider in protected, high quality and affordable escrow facilities.

Cases completed


Awards won

Happy clients

Skilled Team

The skill and experience of the team is over 15 years in length within this specialised sector. This means when we are offering our fully compliant authorised escrow and custodian facilities of complexity we are doing it from a longevity rarely seen in the sector. This experience allows us to offer draw-down facilities, bench-mark and stage payments.

As we have our own qualified legal associates we are able to if required offer tri-party agreements when required.

The team’s expertise includes but is not limited to –

- Finance
- Accountancy
- Law
- Industry
- Construction
- Home improvements
- Commodity brokering 
- Manufacturing 
- Logistics
- Asset financing
- Asset management 
- Credit management
- Compliance
- Escrow services
- Sale and marketing
- Software development
- I.T.

Due Dilligence and Duty of Care

If a transaction is deemed to not meet required demands such as legal standards, misrepresents or is potential fraudulent we reserve the right to decline the offer of our services. This decision would come after a contract has passed the legal due diligence and our robust in-house due diligence procedures.


Our internal and client relationships have been built on for years through our work and integrity. We believe that at the heart of our business are our relationships and as such trust has been built up and earned through tireless respectable work.

What We Do

We offer a financial service that ties into a third-party transaction
through our experienced and highly specialist team.

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Escrow, Custodian and Secure Payment Services

Being a leading provider of escrow, custodian and payment services around the world means we must adhere to being fully compliant and being established in providing management of safe payment solutions, escrow and custodian services on an international measure.

Secure payment solutions on an international scale

Looking for a safe payment answer for transaction and/or a neutral third-party custodian service to hold funds, with the authority to make distributions when conditions are met? Look no further as we offer this on a secure international scale with unmeasurable due diligence and understanding of your needs.

Draw-down services

Being an authorised escrow and custodian service we can make, when appropriate, disbursements when appropriate, inclusive of multi-disbursements and stage payments. We as a service are not limited by time or scales for holiday funds.

Bespoke Financial Solutions

We understand that needs for each situation are different which is why we do not offer a one-size fits all solution online automated service.In order to meet individual necessities our 15-year strong, understanding team can produce a Bespoke Financial contract in order to make sure you get what you need from us. You can be rest assured that at all times we remain an independent body offering reduced risk services.